The Vision of the Department is to train a new generation of Business Practitioners and Scholars that would assume leadership roles and establish themselves as significant trailblazers in their world, that is, take the lead in the global business environment by proffering business solutions and establishing themselves as significant players in the global business arena. Below are parameters in which the Department of Business Management intends to enhance its Business Development performance:

  1. Education: Adopting and adapting modern and vibrant educational approaches which provide students with the opportunities and facilities to achieve their maximum potentials towards greatness and excellence in order to achieve universal education.
  2. Agriculture: Initiating creative and innovative ideas leading to the development of a modern technologically enabled agricultural sector with vast business, marketing, and human resource strategies that will fully exploit the vast agricultural resources of the country and thereby ensure national food security and contribute significantly to foreign exchange earnings and also eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.
  3. Manufacturing: Designing and developing product or service ideas that will lead the Nigerian manufacturing sector to be vibrant and globally competitive, one that will contribute significantly to the GDP with value added of not less than 40%.

Our vision is being driven passionately by the Visioneer who believes in and is totally committed to the manifestation of our vision. The vision reflects the aspirations of stakeholders (Community, Students, Staff and Faculty); it is   therefore, paramount that the articulating process of the overall goals and key strategies should involve the representation of stakeholder groups and social-political perspectives.