Town/Gown Interaction with Prince Ajiboye Olayinka Akinwunmi, MD/CEO FAMALICE Ltd.

It was Peter Drucker who said that the best way to have a desirable future is to create it. By initiating this programme of Town and Gown interaction, CU management is creating for our students, a future of employability, impact and relevance.

For us in the department of Business Management, the Town and Gown interaction was the 2nd in the series. It was delight of the Head of the Department, Dr. R. E. K. Worlu, particularly happy that our guest speaker had chosen to speak on a topical issue in Business – Merchandising.

As Dr. R. E. K. Worlu, pondered on this title, he remembered the words of Jerome McCarthy who observed decades ago that the world is a battlefield of all professions, where business has conquered all. WHY? Because even in the communist society, every professional wants to be seen as a man or woman in business. This is undeniable because, even Jesus – the greatest role model that ever lived, admitted that he was after His father’s business.

Faculty/staff and students of the department gathered to discuss business, or strictly speaking, marketing, which Peter Drucker noted is the essence of business.

Any business enterprise in which marketing is either incidental or accidental is not a business and should not be run as if it were one. This is because marketing and customers are the distinguishing features of a business organisation.”

The guest speaker spoke on “EFFECTIVE MERCHANDISING IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY: THE NIGERIAN PERSPECTIVE”. As part of his prelude to the lecture, he emphasized that ‘merchandising has been used globally to include a number of business activities ranging from bulk buying and selling, warehousing to freighting and its ancillary services’. For the purpose of his discussion, merchandising was limited to its traditional meaning and scope.

For the full seminar paper, CLICK HERE.